About Us

Hi. I'm E.G. Cassady and I created Time To Heal Wholistic Market as a way to help people find products that can assist in healing their mind, body or emotions. Many of the products in this store I have used for many years to heal my own pain. Every book I choose to sell has some element of healing in it whether it pertains to the body or the spirit. I believe that we all deserve to heal from our pain, and I believe it is possible to heal our body our mind and our emotions if we so desire to. Many people on my journey have helped me to find healing and many of those people were writers who published books that I found and read. So, it is my desire to share those books with you. You can find my book, Wings of Desperation in this store, that tells the story of my childhood abuse and my journey out of the pain of that abuse. 

I hope everyone that needs healing finds it. Love and blessings to all. 

E.G. Cassady