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Embraced By The Light

Embraced By The Light

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At the age of thirty-one, Betty Eadie died in a hospital after undergoing surgery. The events that followed have been called "the most profound near-death experience ever."

Adding to such accounts as George Ritchie's Return From Tomorrow and Dr. Raymond A. Moody's Life After Life, Betty Eadie's experience offers astonishing proof of a life after physical death. She saw more, perhaps, than any other person has ever seen before, and she came back with an almost photographic view. 

She was given a message to share with others that has filled hundreds of thousands with hope and a renewed desire to love. Embraced By The Light recounts the people she met, the truths she learned, and the magnificent realities of the spirit world. 

Betty's life was changed forever. Her experience was so powerful that it remains with her every hour of each day. In sharing it, she hopes that it may touch the hearts of others, bringing them closer to the Love that awaits us all. 

Author: Betty J. Eadie

147 pages. Hardback, used in excellent condition. 

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