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Braving - The Art of Pursuing What Makes You Come Alive

Braving - The Art of Pursuing What Makes You Come Alive

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Artist and musician Wayne Kerr interviewed fifty trailblazers whose faith and courage enables them to make a difference while living their purpose. In Braving he highlights the best of what he learned, featuring conversations with leaders life author John Eldridge, musician Dave Barnes and Fernando Ortega, entrepreneurs Johnny Carrabba and Tara Royer Steele, artist Mark Maggiori, filmmaker Ben Masters, and others.

Through fun and engaging narrative, Wayne shares nine powerful, practical truths that emerged from his interviews and from his own story. Along with study questions for deeper reflection, these truths reveal the power of defeating doubt & fear; embracing your identity; knowing the value of failure; being present, thankful, and a lifelong learner; and much more. Let Braving be the field guide for the journey you are on, as it equips you to turn your dreams into reality!

Author: Wayne Kerr

Paperback, 197 pages, used book in great condition. 

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