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From Panic To Power

From Panic To Power

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Proven techniques to calm your anxieties, conquer your fears, and put you in control of your life. 

If you are prone to problems with anxiety and worry, you are probably highly intelligent, very creative, detail oriented, and analytical. These traits can make you extremely successful . . . or they can make you sick. People with anxiety use these attributes to scare themselves by over-thinking and over-reacting. They use their creativity to envision the worst-possible scenarios, most of which never happen.

You can learn to use the energy of worry to transform your life! You can learn to:

Relieve Anxiety

Stop Panic Attacks

Eliminate the Need for Medications

Drive and Fly Comfortably

Develop Self-Confidence

Stop Obsessive Worrying

Put an End to Depression

Become a Positive Power Thinker

Put an end to your worry and fear and live life to the fullest!

Author: Lucinda Bassett

Paperback, 250 pages, used book in very good condition.

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