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Meditation Path to the Deepest Self

Meditation Path to the Deepest Self

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In today's busy world, more and more people are searching to find an accessible method of meditation that enhances self-knowledge and inspires personal growth, without demanding years of practice. This book opens the door to that possibility. 

Part I explains how "energy" works, and how you can work with it to change and improve your life. 

Part II describes how to use this unique approach to meditation. 

Part III encourages further growth with guided visualizations, group meditation, and healing imagery. 

Personal development consultant and expert on intuition Michal Levin reveals her unique approach to enhancing energy and insight through focused meditation. This practical method is designed to help anyone, from basic beginners to dedicated seekers, create a more balanced and healthy life. 

Author: Michal Levin

Hardcover, 149 pages. Used in excellent condition. 

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