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Out of the Blue . . . Delight Comes into Our Lives

Out of the Blue . . . Delight Comes into Our Lives

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Delight is the fire of enthusiasm that turns work into play and challenges into pleasurable learning experiences. It is having natural zest for life, loving one another without fear, laughing out loud. Delight is passion and enjoyment, singing in the shower, dancing on the street. Delight comes to us from out of the blue in the form of everyday magic and minor epiphanies. Suddenly we have a moment of intuitive understanding that reaches our hearts and touches our souls, and we feel connected with all there is. Delight is a bridge to heaven. 

In Out of the Blue, Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Barbara Nichols with Patty Hansen show their devoted readers that living in delight is possible every day. This inspirational collection explains how the experience of delight opens us to compassion and spiritual awareness, and includes 52 "Delight Igniters" - ways to create happiness and share it with others. These igniters will help you catch that divine spark: Turn on Beethoven when you wake up in the morning and sing along with the Ode to Joy from the Ninth Symphony. Greet everyone on the elevator with "What a delightful day!" or, if you're naturally reserved, just think it "at" your fellow passengers, some of whom will surely hear it with their inner ear. 

Out of the Blue includes stories by James Michener, Deepak Chopra, Brian Boitano, Wayne Dyer, Cathy Lee Crosby, Victoria Jackson, Wally Amos and other well-known celebrities who have brought delight into the world. It also features stories by ordinary people who found delight in their everyday lives. Their personal stories demonstrate how we can contribute to the creation of a most desirable and entirely possible time - the Age of Delight. Through the experiences of others, readers will learn that all forms of delight can help us transform our lives, from the most ordinary kind of delight we take in an exquisite flower to the cosmic mystery of eternal delight. Delight is always there, right in front of us, playing with us and encouraging us to follow it with our hearts and souls, rejoicing on its path. 

Authors: Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara Nichols, Patty Hansen

Hard cover, 294 pages, Used book in excellent condition. 

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