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The Celestine Prophecy An Experiential Guide

The Celestine Prophecy An Experiential Guide

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Why are you here? Who will you meet? Where are you going? A guide to your own personal adventure as revealed by THE CELESTINE PROPHECY. 

James Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy is an extraordinary, life-changing book. Perhaps you, like hundreds of thousands of readers, have discovered in its pages a new vision of coincidences in your own life, the energies involved in communicating with others, and the purposes behind human history. 

Now with this companion volume to that moving work helps you intensify and expand the exciting knowledge contained in each of the 9 Insights of The Celestine Prophecy. Through detailed explanations and carefully designed exercises, you can uncover further revelations about your family and partners, and the ways your past has been a preparation for the special contribution you can make to the world. Most exciting of all, you can explore a deeper connection with your own personal energy and divine source. 

Already in use by study groups all over America, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY: AN EXPERIENTIAL GUIDE fosters your spiritual growth by putting you in touch with the evidence of your own experience. From the First Insight to the Ninth, it clarifies ideas and directs your application of the Prophecy's message, empowering you to make an essential difference in the lives of the people you care about and the planet you cherish. 

Author: James Redfield and Carol Adrienne

Softcover, 276 pages, Used book in good condition.

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